James Beecham

CTO James Beecham Promoted to ALTR Chief Executive Officer 

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CTO James Beecham Promoted to ALTR Chief Executive Officer 

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If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that this data space moves faster than you can imagine. Whether it’s new investments from market leaders, new acquisitions, new partnerships, or new technologies, the landscape is always changing, and those who aren’t ready for the next big shift are quickly left behind.  

James Beecham
James Beecham and Dave Sikora at BlackHat 2022

We anticipated this when we built the ALTR platform from the cloud up to be highly adaptable – our solution can easily scale up or scale down with users, with data, with cloud data warehouse usage. While our competitors were offering legacy on-prem solutions with high barriers to entry like long term commitments, massive up-front costs and complicated implementations, ALTR built a cloud-native, SaaS-based integration for Snowflake that users could add directly from Snowflake Partner Connect and a free plan that lets companies try our solution before ever paying a cent. Our decisions have paid off in market response, demonstrated by compounded annual revenue growth of over 300% since 2018 and an accelerating customer base of over 200 companies.

We couldn’t be more ready for the next phase in ALTR’s journey and it’s the perfect time to appoint a new leader to take it on: James Beecham, ALTR’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer has been promoted to become ALTR’s next Chief Executive Officer. As a Co-founder, James was key to identifying the data security hole ALTR could fill. As CTO, he has been the technical leader who envisioned how ALTR could best meet our customers’ needs and one of the most public faces of the company.  

James is excited to chart the course for ALTR’s future, maintaining the company’s trajectory by ensuring we continue to anticipate, act proactively, and deliver the disruptive data governance and security solutions our customers and the market didn’t even realize were possible. We to believe that ALTR’s short “time-to-value" in a market that is fraught with complexity will deliver sustaining differentiation in the coming years.  

And we’re a team here at ALTR so Dave isn’t going anywhere. He and James will work closely together during a transition period, and he will remain involved as a Board Director, CEO Advisor and ongoing financial Investor. Dave will also use this opportunity to expand his strategic advisory practice, mentor up-and-coming CEOs and explore other Board of Director opportunities.  

Please don’t hesitate reach out to James, Dave or your Account Executive if you have any questions about the transition. And stay tuned for great things ahead…

- Dave & James

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