Crushing the Data Privacy and Security Problem

Crushing the Data Privacy and Security Problem

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Way out over our skis

As a society we’ve been barreling down the path to being completely “data-driven” for the last ten to 20 years. We’ve produced and collected massive amounts of data and rapidly built up an ecosystem of technological conveniences on that data foundation—not thinking about the new risks that brings. But looming over the horizon are data privacy and security challenges so large that if we don’t solve them, we could actually regress from a technological perspective. All the conveniences we take for granted require that those hoards of data stay safe and secure. If we don’t halt those hazards in their tracks, they’ll only get worse, until the only choice is to lock down data, putting all the progress we’ve made at risk. In other words, we’re way out over our skis right now.

At ALTR, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to overcome this challenge. Our mission is to solve for the root problems of data privacy and security and give everyone the tools to crush them.

Uniquely positioned to democratize data governance

We don’t believe high costs, long implementations, and big resource requirements should stop companies from controlling and protecting their data. And unlike many other companies in the data control and protection space, we’re not a legacy technology built for the datacenter and awkwardly, bulkily, expensively transitioned to the cloud. From our beginning, we saw the potential and power of building on the cloud, and as a cloud-native SaaS provider, we don’t have the overhead expenses others do. This means we can utilize advanced cloud technologies to solve these difficult problems and provide solutions to customers on cloud data platforms easily, quickly and at a very low cost.

And that’s what we’re doing. Today, we’re announcing three new plans that deliver simple, complete control over data. This includes our Free plan—the first and only in the market—which gives companies powerful data control and protection for free, for life, starting on Snowflake. Just like Snowflake is democratizing cloud data access, ALTR is democratizing cloud data governance. We’re freeing data governance so that everyone can control and protect their data.

Powerful cloud-based data control and protection that matures with your Snowflake journey

One of the reasons companies struggle to tackle the data privacy and security challenge is that they leave understanding who is consuming what data and why until later. With other solutions, it’s too expensive or too resource-intensive, so instead of adopting data governance early, as a preventative action, companies wait to understand and manage data usage until it becomes required to comply with regulations, or worse, they have a privacy or security incident.

ALTR’s Free plan clears away those objections, supporting companies’ initial forays into Snowflake by enabling easy yet powerful data control and protection from the start, with no cost and no commitment. Our new data usage analytics capability shows who your top Snowflake users are and gives clear visibility into what and how much data they’re consuming. This allows you to better understand what normal is, create controls based on necessary usage, and quickly identify and investigate anomalies. At a high level, this intelligence will help you assess the value of your Snowflake project, plan your future roadmap, and put you in a better position to solve problems that might arise later.

The ALTR Free plan is available here on our website or now as the first complete data control and protection solution via Snowflake Partner Connect.

As you mature in your cloud data platform journey, better understand your use cases and start thinking about adding sensitive data, you may want to upgrade to ALTR Enterprise for expanded access controls, compliance support and enterprise integrations. Once you’re more advanced and have migrated all your sensitive data, you may be stuck manually implementing governance features which can make the cost of ownership and maintenance very high. ALTR Enterprise Plus can help you can automate to save time and scale more easily, utilize powerful data security features like tokenization, and get the support of our experienced customer success team.

Ending the data privacy and security problem

Data governance tools that are too costly, require too much time and too many resources to implement and maintain are crippling our ability to take on the big data privacy and security problems we know we must in order to continue our pace of technological advancement. Leaving data at risk is just not sustainable for anyone. ALTR's release today is the next step in our journey to solve these problems and deliver formidable solutions that are easy to use and easy to buy – so everyone can control and protect their data, wherever they are on their data journey.

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