ALTR Partners with DataSwitch to Enable Secure Digital Data Transformation

ALTR Partners with DataSwitch to Enable Secure Digital Data Transformation

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The concept of “digital transformation” must be familiar to just about everyone in the business world at this point. Our applications and activities continue their migration from on-premises into the cloud at a rapid rate. With this comes the idea of “digital data transformation”. Data isn’t just moved as is, but should be re-imagined, remodeled and modernized to get the most from the cloud data platforms that will be hosting it.  

To this end, ALTR has partnered with emerging digital data transformation firm DataSwitch.

DataSwitch's no-code and low-code platform along with cloud data expertise and unique, automated schema generation accelerate time to market. DataSwitch provides an end-to-end data, schema and ETL process migration with automated re-platforming and refactoring, thereby delivering faster time to market and significant reduction in cost of migration.

The DataSwitch Migrate toolkit leverages advanced automation to migrate schema, data, and processes from legacy databases like Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, and SQL server and ETL tools like Informatica, Datastage, and SSIS to modern cloud-based data warehouses like AWS Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery and integration platforms like Databricks, Spark, SnapLogic, and Matillion, etc. And all this is delivered with built-in technology best practices.  

DS Migrate automates data transformation by implementing three key components which include:  

  • Schema Redesign: Intuitive, predictive and self-serviceable schema redesign and restructuring from old school data models to new generation data models (including JSON and Graph).
  • Data Migration: Enhanced automation, cloud expertise and automated schema generation to accelerate data migration.  
  • Processes Conversion: No-touch code conversion from legacy data scripts and ETL tools to modern database scripts and ETL tools, through an adoptive Translator + Compiler design.

With the full suite of DataSwitch tools, enterprises can scale their decision-making, automate manual processes, and simplify complex analyses, thereby accelerating time to translate data into real-world insights and build their scalable Cloud Data Platforms.

Furthermore, with experience dealing with the regulated industries DataSwitch in collaboration with ALTR is investing in domain-specific solution use cases to address needs which include business process automation, customer 360, institutional and market risk identification, and fraud detection.

For customers with sensitive data, migration to the cloud can be a little trickier due to privacy regulations. Integrating the DS Migrate toolkit with ALTR helps companies comply with the relevant rules through seamless tokenization of sensitive data as it is migrated, protecting it from risk of theft or leaks. Sensitive datasets of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data can be tokenized without complex and lengthy software installation. There are no keys to maintain, and no maps to reduce the security of the data. And using ALTR’s cloud platform, tokenized data can be accessed from anywhere you allow. With ALTR, privacy, risk, compliance, data, and security teams work together to govern and automatically control access to sensitive data, simplifying role management, and ensuring data flows to whoever needs it while private information stays protected.

By combining ALTR and DataSwitch, data engineering teams can quickly and easily modernize their data architecture, migrate sensitive data to cloud data platforms safely, and share data with anyone who needs it while ensuring data privacy and security.

To learn more about how DataSwitch and ALTR can help your business, request a demo.

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