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Data Security as a Service

Traditional data security tools aren’t built for the cloud. ALTR is.

Get Started Easily

ALTR’s DSaaS platform removes the complex requirements of traditional data security tools, making data security easy.

No Infrastructure Required

Leverage a full suite of data security capabilities without having to install, maintain, and scale someone else’s software.

No Code Required

Connect data sources and applications, create policy, and respond to potential threats with a simple, easy to use platform.

Flexible Connection Methods

Connect to ALTR through Cloud Integration, Gateway, API, or Smart JDBC and ODBC drivers.


ALTR creates tamper-resistant audit records for each request for data. Gain insights into who is requesting data, along with what, how much, when, and where data is consumed to:


Understand Normal — Analyze your organization’s data usage and use that knowledge to identify abnormal behavior.


Measure Risk — Use your understanding of how sensitive data is consumed to determine your risk exposure.


Improve Operations — Analyze data consumption patterns to find where processes can be improved.

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Use your understanding of normal data usage to go beyond IAM and introduce policies to control how data can be consumed. Automatically respond to abnormal requests by dynamically masking sensitive information. Investigate in ALTR’s platform or integrate response into your existing security tools.


Prevent Incidents in Real-Time — Stop data loss before it happens.


Protect Against Credentialed Threats — Stolen credentials no longer means stolen data.


Mitigate Risk and Increase Innovation — Use your data while keeping it secure, helping to ensure your business isn’t exposed to regulatory penalties.

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Secure your sensitive data with ALTR’s patented tokenization as a
service, protecting your data at rest while keeping it accessible to
your business.


Move More Workloads to the Cloud — Confidently share sensitive workloads knowing tokenized data remains highly secure no matter where it lives.


Protect Against Direct Access Threats — Safeguard your data against security misconfigurations, zero-days, and privileged access abuse.


Minimize Risk Exposure — Reduce your compliance burden by removing sensitive data from your infrastructure.

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Scale Quickly

Utilize ALTR’s DSaaS platform across your enterprise without further complicating your infrastructure.

ALTR Platform Diagram

ALTR is Built for the Enterprise


Encryption in motion and at-rest

All data is sent securely to and from ALTR using TLS. Data stored on ALTR’s platform is encrypted at rest.

Direct connections

Private, secure connections through AWS PrivateLink.

Compliance standards

ALTR is committed to enforcing the highest global security standards. ALTR is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, supports HIPAA compliance, and has achieved a SOC 2 Type II certification.

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ALTR’s infrastructure includes redundancy across critical components spread throughout multiple availability zones and is tested regularly to ensure a highly fault-tolerant platform.


ALTR’s cloud-native design handles large numbers of concurrent requests without impacting performance. Applications access data directly, operating on millions or billions of records with enhanced data security on each request.

Availability commitment

ALTR’s service is built for high availability. We strive to provide 99.9% uptime for all customers.

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SIEM integration

Send data consumption records and security events to your favorite SIEM.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

View securely shared information on data consumption within Snowflake.


Visualize data consumption patterns within Domo to optimize data security.