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Unified Data Control

Insights into data usage, centralized data governance, proactive data security, reduced infrastructure complexity, and a lot of time saved.

Easily connect to ALTR.

Get powerful control over your data without all the hassle.

No Infrastructure Required

Leverage a suite of capabilities without having to install, maintain, and scale components in your infrastructure.

No Code Required

Add data sources and applications, create policy, and respond to potential threats without writing a single line of code.

Flexible Connection Methods

Connect to ALTR through Cloud Integration, API, or Smart JDBC and ODBC drivers.

Data Intelligence

Understand your data.

Connect data sources, classify your sensitive data, and observe data consumption to understand your data risk.


Data classification — Once data sources are added, ALTR scans and classifies sensitive data so you can quantify your data risk.


Auditable records — Easily add classified data for ALTR to observe. ALTR records granular details around each request for data, informing you as to where it is, how it’s used, and who your top users are.

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Data Governance

Mitigate your data risk.

Create policies to mask, tokenize, and control access to data across your organization. Then, mitigate your data risk by controlling how data can be consumed.


Simple access controls — Easily apply IAM policies to control data access through ALTR’s cloud platform.


Real-time masking — Mask data to ensure unauthorized users are unable to see sensitive information in the clear.


No-code, contextual policy — Create policy over your data and limit usage based on time of day, day of week, location, and access rate. Policy created within ALTR is applied across your organization.

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Data Security

Automatically respond to threats.

Respond to policy violations in real-time and mitigate the risks of credentialed access threats.


Proactive security — Detect and respond to policy violations in real-time, alerting your security team to potential threats and optionally blocking data from being viewed in the clear.


Auditable security events — Easily prove the effectiveness of your governance and security policies through auditable reporting.

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Simple Implementation

Tokenization as a service.

Tokenize sensitive datasets without complex and lengthy software installation. Using ALTR’s cloud platform, tokenized data can be accessed from anywhere you allow.


Tokenize anything — ALTR’s data protection service supports tokenizing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.


Keyless, mapless, effortless — No keys to maintain, and no maps to reduce the security of your data. Tokenize data using ALTR’s cloud platform or through our REST API.


Streaming and batch tokenization — Stream data for high throughput, low latency operations, or tokenize and detokenize data in bulk using JSON.

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Enterprise Usability

Secure, yet functional

Tokenize data to reduce your compliance burden and mitigate direct access threats. Then, ingest tokens into cloud data platforms for analysis. Detokenize data on demand and destroy when done.


ETL support — Add tokenization into your ETL process to ensure sensitive data is never in the clear when it reaches your cloud data platform.


Deterministic tokens — Tokens are easily searchable, ensuring they remain both highly functional to your organization and highly secure.


Secure deletion — When needed, simply delete tokens to effectively delete data. Once deleted, tokenized data can no longer be reassembled.

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Connect your data ecosystem.

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Enhance Analytics

Send usage analytics to Snowflake, Domo, or other analytics providers to gain deeper insights into how data is used across your organization.

Reduce Governance Silos

Consolidate governance policy and automate enforcement by connecting ALTR to your enterprise’s governance tools.

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Integrate Data Security

Send audit records and security events to your favorite SIEM/SOAR tools. Integrate ALTR into your incident response process.

A few of the data sources and applications we support.

Security and Availability

ALTR’s platform is purpose-built for the speed, scale, and availability requirements of the cloud. In addition, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, and support for HIPAA compliance show how seriously we take security.

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