The Age of Data: Insights From Recent Events and What's Coming Next

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The Age of Data: Insights From Recent Events and What's Coming Next

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Last week, ALTR CTO and co-founder James Beecham had a Zoom call with Angelbeat’s Ron Gerber to chat about some data-related themes like the complexity of data, why data is becoming the new endpoint when you think about security, how PII is becoming the new PCI, and the challenges around using and securing sensitive data in your cloud data platform. Those themes and more are featured in the above video by way of preparing for the upcoming Angelbeat Data event in June (more to come on that soon).

Speaking of events, they’re a pretty big deal for us at ALTR; with all the knowledge sharing and networking, they’re mutually beneficial for vendors and attendees alike. From webinars and virtual events to the long-lost in-person trade shows, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with folks like Ron Gerber of Angelbeat, our customers over at Q2, partners at Snowflake, and all the other experts who share their experiences and insight into the data security space.  

In addition to speaking with Ron, James also recently hosted a webinar on “A Security-First Approach to Re-Platforming Data in the Cloud” with Q2’s CAO, Lou Senko, and Snowflake’s Head of Cyber Security, Omer Singer. This webinar not only demonstrates ALTR’s cloud integration with ALTR, but it also provides real use cases from our customer Q2.  

On top of the availability of our Snowflake integration (used by Q2, The Zebra, and HumanN to name a few), we are excited to announce our latest integration with OneTrust. OneTrust unifies data governance under one platform, streamlining business processes and ensuring privacy and security practices are built-in to your data governance program.  

Together, the integration between OneTrust and ALTR further simplifies data governance by automating the enforcement of governance policy. Now organizations can automatically and continuously discover, classify, and govern access to sensitive data. Sign up here to see a live demonstration of this integration on May 12th.  

Along with periodic webinars with industry experts, customers, and partners, we’re also pleased to let you know that we will be participating in Dataversity’s 25th Annual Enterprise Data World event at the end of April as well as RSA’s annual conference in May. As life starts to get closer and closer to normal, we can’t wait to start seeing you all out at in-person conferences later in the year.  

To keep up with all the events going on at ALTR, check out our events page, which is always up-to-date with where you can find us. If you are ready to get started with ALTR, you can try it for free or request a demo.  

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