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Kevin M. Gainer Joins ALTR Board of Directors

Published on Dec 02, 2020
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Commercial Payments Industry Leader Brings Tremendous Insights, Judgment and Counsel to BoD for Emerging Data Security-as-a-Service (DSAAS) Provider

Austin, TX - December 2, 2020 - ALTR, developer of the most advanced data consumption governance and protection technology on the market, has expanded its board of directors with the appointment of payments industry leader Kevin M. Gainer. The company announced a $15 million funding round in May, bringing its total cumulative raise to $30 million, to which Gainer is a contributor.

“Kevin joins the board at a time of accelerating customer traction, a fresh infusion of investment capital, and expanding demand across the board,” said Dave Sikora, CEO at ALTR. “The synergy between his view of the payments market and our strategy for data security at ALTR makes this a great fit, and we are fortunate for the tremendous perspective he brings to the table.”

ALTR takes a cyber-resilience approach to data security, which matches Gainer’s commitment to payment security throughout his career. ALTR’s Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) platform observes data flows and recognizes abnormal patterns when data consumption exceeds certain thresholds, or access to data is outside normal parameters. The service then limits or stops any aberrant consumption of data in real time. It’s a powerful way to address virtually any type of failure including credentialed access threats and SQL injection attacks, but also threats that have yet to evolve.

“With our increasing reliance on digital and contactless payments for transaction interactions, it is crucial that payment providers help maintain trust between businesses and their customers by offering best-in-class security,” said Gainer. “ALTR’s watchful eye on data access requests, coupled with its tracking and controls around the consumption of sensitive data, helps enterprises and consumers alike. I’m incredibly proud to work with this forward-thinking leader in data management and security."

Gainer recently launched Stitch Payments, which creates tailored technology platforms that let businesses take part in secure omni-channel payment acceptance. This includes touch-free payment solutions that help Stitch customers better navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Stitch began four years ago when Gainer left the leadership team at CardConnect to form his own payments company, which has since morphed into a new entity meant to remove the burdens of interfacing with multiple hardware and software providers.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial payment processing and technology industries. Prior to his current role as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Stitch Payments, Gainer served in key leadership roles at financial technology organizations including CardConnect and Fifth Third Bank, and also co-founded Efficient Payment Processing, which was subsequently acquired by CardConnect.

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