Want To Be A Data-Driven Company Faster? Start With Self-Service Data Governance

Self-service SaaS tools, like Snowflake for data consolidation and sharing and Tableau for business intelligence, are now table stakes for data-driven companies. Easy-to-set-up cloud data warehouses and user-centric BI tools help data teams answer questions quickly, but this success produces unexpected headaches.


The more success you have analyzing data, the greater the demand for access to that data. Creating role-based access accounts for a small team with a few users is easy. But what if your organization has thousands or tens of thousands of potential users for that data? This is where self-service data governance comes in. Self-service access controls and data security help you support a distributed governance model that can expand quickly. By removing manual time sinks, built-in automation and simplified policies allow the broader organization to become data-first and faster.