ALTR 2022 Predictions: The Rise of the Chief Data Officer, a Federal Data Privacy Wake-up Call, and AI Training on Real Data

2022 presents an opportunity for both private and public organizations to be more proactive in their data security efforts to prepare for the road ahead.


COVID-19 accelerated both the transition towards the data cloud and the need to operate in hybrid environments for many companies globally. And this transition has opened the gate to unprecedented network vulnerabilities, exposed data and more. In fact, 2021 witnessed a unique era of cyberattacks across critical organizations and across various industries. A remote workforce means that data is being accessed from anywhere and everywhere by users across organizations' multiple departments. This makes it absolutely essential that corporations have proper data governance policies and privacy measures in place to provide data usage visibility, automated access controls and other mechanisms to stop credentialed access threats. Additionally, data security can no longer be a niche focus - it has to be a priority across the company, necessitating a tool that democratizes data control and eases an organization's secure movement to the cloud.

As a result of the increasing investment in cloud data security and privacy, we can expect to see these three trends in 2022: