The Significance of Data Security in the New Normal

“As the enterprise embraces the broader market opportunity around the cloud and an increasingly distributed workforce, they need to rethink their entire approach toward data privacy and security,” says James Beecham, CTO, ALTR, in an exclusive interview with ITSecurityWire.


In his interview, James Beecham is asked to give his thoughts on what the pandemic has taught us about data security. His thorough response, "With the introduction of regulatory frameworks like the GDPR and CCPA, most companies had already started to increase their awareness of data security and privacy with stricter rules and better standards that protect both data and data subjects. The pandemic has made this more complicated because companies now have to balance two somewhat competing priorities—protecting public health and protecting data. Remote work, more commonly known as the New Normal, was already a trend in the enterprise." gives the reader the necessary insight to understand why data security is so crucial in these times.