ALTR Unveils Snowflake Integration for Data Cloud Security

ALTR has integrated its data security-as-a-service (DSaaS) platform with the Snowflake data cloud platform, according to a prepared statement. The integration lets Snowflake users leverage ALTR’s DSaaS platform to detect and respond to abnormal consumption of data, the companies said. That way, Snowflake users can utilize ALTR’s DSaaS capabilities to stop and prevent credentialed data threats.


With the integration, Snowflake users can leverage ALTR’s data consumption governance capabilities for observing, detecting and responding to threats and anomalies, the companies noted. In addition, Snowflake users can configure ALTR’s DSaaS platform to detect and stop data breaches relating to stolen or misused credentials. Snowflake users also can leverage ALTR’s platform to analyze how they use their own data, the companies stated. As such, they can find ways to continually optimize their data security. The ALTR-Snowflake integration is now generally available. It requires no code, application changes, configuration or local software installation and lets Snowflake users connect via Snowflake itself or Tableau, Looker or other tools.