ALTR Hires Cylance Veteran Brian Stoner for Data Security Partner Push

There is a lot of noise in the security space today but most of the technology is focused on reacting to threats after the fact. There are too many examples where customer proprietary data has been exfiltrated in a breach. DB technology, security, and encryption have not changed in over 30 years. The attackers take advantage of this every day.


ALTR has a revolutionary new solution that secures data where the applications access the DB and provides the customer with peace of mind and immutable proof that their data is secure. We will also be taking a revolutionary approach to the channel, and we will NOT be rolling out the stale precious metals channel programs of the past. ALTR helps narrow the scope of proving compliance by ensuring that their data security controls meet all of the relevant compliance requirements. We provide the ability to not only audit and report who accessed private data and why, we also allow customers to implement policy that dynamically masks data to limit “privacy leakage” – consumption of privacy data when it is not necessary.