Dave Sikora says private nodes will transform blockchain security

Sikora spoke to Modern Consensus after his SXSW panel appearance about how ALTR is doing and why he believes the company’s technology is going to make waves.


“I kind of have a pattern-recognition engine for these things that are going to happen in the industry, this is the most significant IP I’ve ever had a chance to work with. To be in a place where you can change the world, it’s really cool.” This interview with ALTR CEO David Sikora, who had recently appeared on the SXSW panel talking on how he believes ALTR's technology will create waves in the industry. Sikora goes on to describe his time on the panel and the questions he was asked. "We really want companies to look at their data the way they look at their money. You’ll never hear of someone breaking into someone’s bank account." comparing the security of data to that of money, ALTR CEO makes his statement that ALTR's ultimate goal is to protect data as closely as the bank protects your life savings.