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On Chief Data Officer & Data Governance. Commentary by Jame Beecham, Founder, and CEO of ALTR

Seeing Data Governance at the top of this list aligns with a number of leading indicators for CDO attention and spend we have seen at ALTR. With reduced budgets and head counts, we are hearing from the industry that base level Governance topics will take priority in 2023. Things like improving data pipelines for speed of data delivery, data security, data access streamline, and quality will take precedence over initiatives like lineage or data cataloging. I think a number of data catalog projects have been stalled or remain in jeopardy as the catalog workloads tends to boil the ocean. Look for small projects within data governance being completed quickly with tightly aligned teams. Key to this will be data governance tool sets that interoperate and work together without requiring large professional services spends to realize base level data governance practices such as security and pipeline improvement.