How ALTR Uses Blockchain Tech To Boost Enterprise Security

ALTR has emerged from four years of stealth, with $15 million in private and institutional backing and what is being billed as the first commercial software package that it says “unleashes the security benefits of blockchain.”


Though blockchain had been the province of – and often is mentioned in the same breath as – bitcoin and crypto brethren, the stage is set for blockchain to be used in security software. Sikora laid out three conditions necessary for blockchain to scale: really big pipes because firms have to transport lots of data, cheap storage because blockchain is all about replication and, as Sikora said, “you need really strong processing capacity for consensus algorithms.” ALTR has taken leaps and bounds of progress in customer database security and more. “We've invented a way to take data, whether it's from a transactional database or a file system. We can take that data … and scatter it” to private blockchains, said Sikora.