Five Signs A Data Governance Solution Is Ready For Today’s Enterprise Challenges

James Beecham is the CTO and cofounder of ALTR. James holds multiple software patents and a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Choosing the right data governance service or software to meet the needs of today’s enterprise challenges is a must. But many solutions dubbed “ready for the enterprise” are actually still stuck in the old ways. In the current economy, you can’t afford the time or resources for a months-long selection, testing and on-premises implementation process just to find out the solution is a “maybe.” That’s not good enough. The safer bet is to determine a “yes” or “no” on the software quickly and move forward.

Given the number of privacy regulations, the size of data stores and the scale of users, the business requirements for data governance might be complex, yet finding solutions doesn’t have to be. Here are five signs that the data governance software you’re looking at is ready for your enterprise.