Webinar: DZone

Feb 27, 2020
How To Give Security and Compliance What They Want In One Sprint

About the Webinar

Every app that generates and uses personal data is on the radar of security and compliance. That kind of attention can slow down release cycles, impact the ability to bring in third party projects, and make it more difficult to deliver to users.

During this OnDemand Webinar you’ll see ALTR Founder and Director of Engineering Chris Struttmann cover:

  • How to provide your security and compliance folks with visibility into who is accessing sensitive data, the ability to govern that access, and the power to select columns to protect at rest – in one sprint.
  • Smart database driver technology and API sets, and how they allow rapid integration and minimize changes to application code.
  • High-speed distributed ledger technology that serves as a vault for sensitive data along with a patented approach that ensures the security and integrity of data.

Now it’s possible to improve security and privacy of data while also accelerating innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to see cutting edge technology that’s changing the game for both security and development teams.