Events at ALTR | Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2020

Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2020

Nov 17, 2020
Join ALTR at this free virtual event to learn how to leverage the data cloud to add new revenue streams

About the event

With 8 tracks, 40+ sessions, and 25+ partners, this annual Snowflake event will have a little something for every Snowflake user. ALTR has partnered with Snowflake to provide high fidelity data access records and policy enforcement data to their Marketplace as well as native protection for the Snowflake Data cloud to supplement the security patterns of Snowflake.

ALTR CTO James Beecham will participate in a panel during this event to discuss more about our partnership with Snowflake as well as how our strategy for monetization of data as a new revenue stream. See below for more details, and visit our solutions page or our Snowflake Marketplace listing to learn more about how ALTR provides data consumption governance for cloud data platforms.

About the panel | 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM PST

Leveraging the Data Cloud to Add New Revenue Streams

Using Snowflake as your data platform is great, but what if you could also leverage the power of Snowflake to generate new revenue streams? This panel discussion will highlight monetization strategies behind using Snowflake to help build solutions that enable your customers to access their data. If you want to unlock the hidden value of your data assets and learn how others have successfully built apps that monetize data assets, this session is for you.

You can register for this free one-day event here.