On-Demand OneTrust Webinar: Simplifying Data Governance Through Automation

Data Consumption Governance for Cloud Data Platforms

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Cloud data platforms have dramatically improved the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of collecting and analyzing data to power the modern data-driven enterprise. But ease of use and greater access to collected data has presented new challenges in terms of managing data consumption.

Consumption Governance

ALTR is simple to install and to use, and its cloud-native platform provides consumption governance at the individual query level to spot abnormal query activity and slow or stop it in real time.

Scale Quickly

Utilize ALTR’s DSaaS platform across your enterprise without further complicating your infrastructure.

ALTR Platform Diagram

Observability of Data Consumption

ALTR allows customers to get true, tamper-resistant observability into which analysts and data products are consuming data, understanding the types of data that are accessed most frequently and the associated risks.

Detection of Data Consumption that is Outside of Normal

Using historical consumption, customers can set limits around data consumption patterns based on the number of records, the rate of consumption, time, place, and many other factors.

Respond in Real-Time

Not just an alerting system, ALTR steps in to slow down or mask completely data access that violates consumption rules. Integration with existing security operations means ALTR drops into the Data Cloud and into SIEM or SOAR systems to power rapid response and resolution of any data anomalies.