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RSA Conference 2021

May 18, 2021
May 20, 2021

Connect at RSA Conference 2021

Every year brings with it new challenges. To you. To your employees. To your organization. The best weapon against these challenges? Resilience.

RSA Conference 2021 is the best place to strengthen your resilience. From the first day to the last, you’ll gain actionable insights from hundreds of traditional and immersive sessions, collaborate and share different perspectives with peers that will spark new approaches, and see the latest technology.

About this year's theme 

As a community, we have different perspectives. Different roles. Different backgrounds. Each of us has something unique to bring to the table. But there is one quality we all share. Resilience. We are linked by a mission to take on cyberthreats that are, by nature, relentless. That are conceived by those who persistently attempt to steal our data, our wealth, and our peace of mind. We are also connected by world events that threaten the very foundation of our profession. We respond by searching ever deeper within ourselves to create solutions that can withstand and quickly recover from whatever adversity is thrown at us. And while there will never be a definitive chapter to our story, it is the journey itself that defines us. Because being resilient requires infinite strength. There can be no let ups. No breaks. No finish lines. Just an unending passion to evolve, adapt and do everything possible to protect the people and organizations that rely on us as their advocates. We will do more than survive. We will thrive.

Connecting with ALTR

We'd love to meet you at RSA! Swing by our marketplace listing to enter to win prizes and check out some of our latest resources. Then keep an eye out for a post-conference recap blog from ALTR CTO and co-founder, James Beecham.

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