Gartner Catalyst

Gartner Catalyst [CANCELED]

Aug 24, 2020
Aug 27, 2020
San Diego, CA
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We are disappointed to announce that Gartner Catalyst has been canceled.  However we would still love to meet with you (virtually) to show you ALTR’s holistic solution that provides data access monitoring, access governance, and at-rest protection for sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI data — no matter where your data is.  

To learn more or see a live demonstration of our solution, please choose the “Meet With Us” button below, or contact us here.

About the Event

Gartner Catalyst takes a deep dive into technical trends and topics impacting technical professionals and offers live content where attendees ask questions, vet ideas, and are able to proactively problem-solve.

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that technical professionals met on included:

  1. Cloud Computing for Technical Professionals
  2. Application Architecture and Platforms for Technical Professionals
  3. Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Management for Technical Professionals
  4. Analytics and BI Solutions
  5. Application Development at Platforms for Technical Professionals