AWS Re:Inforce


Jun 30, 2020
Jul 1, 2020
Houston, TX
Two days and hundreds of sessions focused on cloud security, identity, and compliance

Still want to connect?

We're disappointed to announce that AWS Re:Inforce has been canceled. However, we can still connect virtually to discuss ALTR's holistic solution that provides data access monitoring, access governance, and at-rest protection for your sensitive data, no matter where it is.

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About the Event

Dive deep into cloud security, identity and access management, and compliance topics at AWS re:Inforce, the first dedicated AWS cloud security conference. Leave with actionable best practices for AWS security services and data privacy, as well as the know-how to build your architecture securely.

Topics include:

  • Data Protection & Privacy: See how AWS, customers, and partners work together to protect data with topics covering data management, cryptography, data security, data privacy, and key rotation and storage.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance: Get a deep dive on why compliance matters to security practitioners, and how to automate compliance tools and services for operational use.
  • Identity: Hear from AWS, customers, and partners about different methodologies, services, products, and tools that define, enforce, and audit user permissions across AWS services and resources.
  • Network & Infrastructure Security: Gain an understanding on the services, tools, and products AWS, customers, and partners use to protect the usability and integrity of their networks and data and reduce surface area to manage the security and privacy of their overall infrastructure on AWS.
  • Threat Detection & Incident Response: Learn how AWS, customers, and partners get visibility they need to improve their security posture, reduce the risk profile of their environments, identify issues before they impact business, and implement incident response best practices.

Check out the agenda here.