ALTR + Q2 : Read The Latest News & How We Are Helping Banks and Credit Unions

A Fundamentally New, Superior
Approach To Securing Data

Traditional approaches have proven incapable of solving for the humans inside of the network creating data privacy concerns and breach exposures. We succeeded by taking a completely different approach with transformative new technology.

In the Critical Path of Data

Our Smart Driver technology sits at the key vantage point between the applications requesting data and the data itself, where it transforms the way valuable data is monitored, accessed and protected.

A Single Control Point for Privacy-Sensitive Data

In compliance scenarios where users are restricted from seeing sensitive or regulated data, ALTR ensures that prohibited data is never accessible or consumed in a recognizable format.


Because ALTR records all data requests and responses to a secure blockchain, the truth about data access is protected and accessible at any time.


ALTR fragments data and saves it directly to an immutable blockchain, creating a keyless vault that renders data useless for bad actors, but fully operational for the business.


Once data access policy is defined, ALTR seamlessly enforces access rules at run-time, surgically restricting data access when violations occur without disrupting broader operations.

“Moving beyond failed and outmoded perimeter systems, ALTR’s approach signals a fundamental new paradigm in cybersecurity.”

Immediate Impact. Minimal Friction. Seamless Evolution.

ALTR’s breakthrough architecture and patented technology enable immediate benefits, without disruption to existing applications, data stores or infrastructure.

100% Software

No hardware or complicated configuration

Effortless Control

Business leaders and IT can manage with ease

Future Proof

Seamlessly supports evolution of DBs and applications without additional development

Fast, Easy Install

Install in hours with no disruption to current infrastructure

Extends existing Investments

Leverage existing DBs, apps & analytics. Strengthen existing security investments