ALTR + Q2 : Read The Latest News & How We Are Helping Banks and Credit Unions

Breakthrough Solutions for Persistent Data Security Challenges

ALTR neutralizes human factor threat scenarios that no other security solutions can solve. That means you can confidently execute strategic business transformation initiatives.

Comprehensive Protection For Diverse Human Risk Factor Use Cases.

By applying blockchain-based security measures at the data level, your business is protected from today’s human factor threats, and those that may emerge in the future.

Stolen or guessed credentials

ALTR recognizes when unauthorized devices are accessing restricted data or exceeding data access thresholds, and automatically renders the data useless to attackers.

Compromised Database Log Files

ALTR prevents technical users from hiding unauthorized acts through editing or destroying log files, by saving every data access event to an immutable blockchain record.

Unauthorized Access Via Applications

In compliance scenarios where users are restricted from seeing sensitive or regulated data, ALTR ensures that prohibited data is never accessible or consumed in a recognizable format.

Theft Via Direct Database Access

Because ALTR obfuscates and fragments at-rest data across a secure private blockchain, data at rest is rendered useless to even the most credentialed users.

Exposure of Private Data

ALTR restricts access to privacy-sensitive data for certain groups like developers or DBAs using format-preserving dynamic masking that has no impact on application function.

“For the greater information industry, the message is clear. There’s a new data sheriff in town.”

ALTR Protects Strategic Initiatives That Are Otherwise Exposed to Human Risk Factors.

Companies executing strategic transformation initiatives are even further exposed to threats from human risk factors, making ALTR more essential for success.

Cloud Migration

ALTR provides the missing security layer that protects cloud-based datasets and applications against unauthorized or inadvertent user access, closing a major security gap that often stalls cloud migration initiatives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Because our technology is agnostic to the applications and databases underlying multiple organizations, ALTR allows systems and data to be rapidly locked down against human risk factors when combining businesses.

Engaging Customers On Mobile

ALTR minimizes the risk of unauthorized data access that arises when deploying mobile-centric customer applications and engagement, enabling the confident delivery of innovative customer experiences.

Lock Down Legacy Applications

For “frozen-and-wrapped” legacy applications that remain critical to operations, ALTR can be deployed as the impenetrable data protection layer that prevents unauthorized access and ensures operational continuity.