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Remove the Risks of Cloud Migration With ALTR

ALTR allows organizations to harness the convenience of the cloud by making the transition safer and faster

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Remove the Risks of Cloud Migration With ALTR

ALTR allows organizations to harness the convenience of the cloud by making the transition safer and faster

Published on Nov 22, 2019
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Efficiency, accessibility and flexibility are motivating virtually every organization to adopt the cloud in one way or the other. Not only does operating in the cloud enable data to move freely and promote collaboration on virtually all fronts, but it’s also incredibly convenient for today’s dispersed workforce. Access data anytime, anywhere. 

Cloud infrastructure is also systematically scaleable, which means small to medium-sized enterprises aren’t required to invest as much upfront in terms of infrastructure.

Companies operating in the cloud are more flexible and cost-efficient than those that are not. In fact, McAffee states that companies using the cloud grow 19.3 percent faster than their competitors.


Some businesses choose to keep sensitive information on premises under the assumption that data is safer “at home.” A 2018 CloudSecurity Report3 found that nine out of ten cybersecurity professionals were concerned about cloud security, up 11 percentage points from the year prior. The Cloud Security Report also revealed that the top three security challenges facing the infosec professionals were protecting against data loss and leakage (67%), threats to data privacy (61%) and breaches of confidentiality (53%).

Governing assets beyond the confines of your own data center can be intimidating, especially as legal and regulatory requirements become increasingly complex. This may be why not everyone has adopted the cloud for their sensitive data. But ALTR is helping businesses today govern and protect even the most critical information with ease and efficiency.


Traditional cloud migration approaches often leave a gap between the application and security product, opening an opportunity for sensitive data to get stolen or misused. But it shouldn’t (and doesn’t have to)be this way. Cloud migration can be made simpler and safer using ALTR’s DataSecurity as a Service, which implements security and governance in the application code itself to create complete protection independent of infrastructure. This means that data security and governance is programmed into the cloud application, as opposed to security solutions stacked on top of existing platforms that add complexity and the potential for human error. WithALTR, the risk that has normally been associated with migrating to third party infrastructure disappears, paving the way for any strategy from a lift-and-shift to a full cloud transformation.


Our approach to cloud security centers around creating amore effective model for data security that will neutralize data access risks from even the most privileged users. Our solution gives companies peace of mind in knowing that their secure data stays secure, no matter where it lives. ALTRProtect removes data from a customer’s database, fragments it and scatters it to a private blockchain, leaving a token that points to the first piece. UsingALTR’s smart driver technology, only data that is allowed to be accessed will reassemble and return to the user in real time. They don’t even know it didn’t come straight out of the database or that it had to be reassembled.  Because the sensitive data has been removed from the database, there’s no risk from anyone with direct database access.With ALTR, not only is your data safe from direct access, but the smart driver can also block data that application users are not permissioned to view.


Transitioning from on-prem to cloud doesn’t mean your current governance approach has to change. In fact, with ALTR Govern, customers are free to transition to the cloud solution that best fits their business needs without worrying about how it will affect their current governance model.Because ALTR Govern is programmed into a customer’s application workload, it grants ultimate flexibility and scalability. As workloads get replicated to handle additional load, so does governance and security. In addition, ALTRGovern enables customers to create and enforce data access governance policies in real time so people only see what they need to in order to do their job.Rule-based locks and thresholds are created and applied to highly granular data flows, slowing down or stopping access as required. These policy tools are easy to implement and update and help organizations address the bulk of their compliance concerns around privacy. As you take your business to the cloud, you’ll rest assured knowing your data governance and protection model will stand strong with ALTR.

Rather than spending time and resources safeguarding and monitoring their own data, our cloud customers are able to dedicate more time to innovation and providing value to their customers.

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