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Collibra + ALTR: Automating Control Over Data

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Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud brings clarity to data, helping data-driven organizations turn data into a strategic asset, reinvent business processes, gain a competitive advantage and accelerate digital transformation. Collibra brings the right data, insights and context to the right users to drive innovation and generate greater company value.

ALTR is the simplest and fastest way to gain complete control over your data. With ALTR, you can easily understand how your data is being used and who your top users are, and implement controls to limit access to data and protect data privacy, all without writing a single line of code, giving data stewards and privacy managers the tools they need to effectively govern data.

Together, Collibra and ALTR offer the best solution for complete governance and control over your data. ALTR enhances Collibra’s Data Intelligence cloud by feeding data access history into Collibra so you can better understand how your data is being used and where policy can be applied. Data stewards and privacy managers can use Collibra to define policy to limit access to data and mask sensitive information. ALTR then automates policy implementation, removing manual effort and strain on data engineers. Access requests made in Collibra can be approved and completed in minutes, removing even more manual tasks and stress on organizations’ data teams. As regulations change, policy can be easily updated directly within Collibra and enforced by ALTR without the need to write code or context switch other teams.

Collibra and ALTR make your life easy

With Collibra and ALTR, you can reduce strain on your data teams, give data stewards and privacy managers the tools they need to govern data, and make it easier for data analysts and scientists to get access to the data they need. All of this leads to your business getting more value from data, faster, while ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance. Collibra and ALTR are a perfect fit for any data-driven organization.

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