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Data Security as a Service: How It Works

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Data Security as a Service: How It Works

Published on Aug 17, 2020
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Powerful Data Security, Delivered as a Service

ALTR has created an easy-to-use cloud native platform delivering Data Security as a Service (DSaaS). Your security team can now leverage the simplicity of powerful security capabilities delivered as a service to observe and control data consumption across the entire modern data architecture — from isolated applications to the data cloud. ALTR’s cloud-native solution bolsters your organization’s overall security posture, simplifies compliance reporting, and reduces the complexity of your infrastructure through a first-of-its-kind solution to data security: data consumption governance.

Data consumption governance is the ability to observe and control how much data is consumed within an organization. With ALTR, your security team not only has a way to view data consumption patterns across the enterprise, they also finally have a critical tool in their arsenal: the ability to set limits on how much data is allowed to be consumed. These limits can be set irrespective of identity and associated access permissions, extending Zero Trust to the SQL layer.

How Data Consumption Governance Works


ALTR integrates seamlessly to observe and control sensitive data consumption using any combination of three methods: a Smart Database Driver, an API, or a Gateway. ALTR’s Smart Database Driver wraps an application’s existing JDBC or ODBC driver, embedding security at the SQL layer for business critical applications. The API adds to this functionality by also supporting unstructured data, files, and third-party integrations, enabling end-to-end enhanced security for modern data architectures. Finally, ALTR’s Gateway provides a cloud-to-cloud, no-code security solution for applications accessing the data cloud. With ALTR’s DSaaS platform, you can:

  • Get started easily - Cloud-native and delivered as a service. No hardware to install and maintain
  • See value immediately - See data consumption patterns starting on day one
  • Scale quickly - Leverage ALTR’s DSaaS platform across your enterprise without further complicating your infrastructure

Once integrated, ALTR enables data consumption governance through multiple powerful security capabilities: Observe, Detect, Respond, and Protect.


Powerful visibility into all data consumption across your organization

ALTR creates a tamper-resistant audit record for each request for data, along with the context around each request (what, how much, when, and where). These records are available within the ALTR platform, and can also be sent to your chosen SIEM, security cloud, or visualization platform, allowing you to gain intelligence around data consumption patterns across your organization. This intelligence can be used to:

  • Analyze risk - Understand where sensitive data is viewed most often through ALTR’s easy-to-use dashboards
  • Reduce costs - View captured SQL queries (and responses) to improve poorly performing or data-hungry applications
  • Simplify compliance reporting - View and export timeboxed query history to easily prove governance policies are working


Set policy for data consumption and automatically respond to security events in real-time

Through ALTR’s cloud service, governance policies can easily be created and applied to the consumption of sensitive data. When a security event occurs, ALTR automatically alerts your security team while slowing down or masking responses, preventing any sensitive data from being accessed. Security events can also be sent to your chosen SIEM, security cloud, or visualization platform. With automated detection and response to security events, you can:

  • Prevent security incidents in real-time - Stop data loss before it happens
  • Protect against credentialed threats - Sleep well knowing lost credentials don’t mean lost data
  • Mitigate risk and speed up innovation - Grant more access to data knowing it remains secure, ensuring your business isn’t exposed to regulatory penalties


Tokenization as a service to protect data throughout its lifecycle across your modern data architecture

For modern data architectures and critical applications, ALTR provides end-to-end enhanced security through its patented tokenization as a service technology. Tokenized data travels securely throughout your enterprise, and requests to reassemble data are subject to your governance policies, ensuring that data is protected throughout its lifecycle. Leverage ALTR’s tokenization as a service to:

  • Secure the data lifecycle - Tokenize data at point of creation, detokenize on demand, securely share, and destroy when done
  • Protect against direct access threats - Safeguard your data against security misconfigurations, zero-days, and more
  • Minimize compliance scope - Reduce your compliance burden by removing sensitive data from your infrastructure

Check out our "Introduction to Data Security as a Service" to learn more about how ALTR extends Zero Trust to the SQL layer and stops credentialed access threats in their tracks, or contact us to get the conversation started.

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