Easy Access Control, Automated Enforcement, Powerful Protection

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Easy Access Control, Automated Enforcement, Powerful Protection

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Many organizations are rushing to big data cloud platforms like Snowflake, analyzing data to build better products, produce happier customers, and gain an edge over their competition. At the same time, rapidly changing privacy regulations require controls around data to minimize privacy risk. These controls have been difficult to implement, scale, and maintain with manual implementation processes and expensive, complex software. And none provide a complete solution to controlling and protecting data from end to end.
ALTR offers a faster, easier way to control and protect data from on-premises to the cloud, across your entire enterprise.

data access and data risk

ALTR can help you:

Control Your Data with Automated Policy Enforcement

  • Industry-first Data Usage Heatmaps and drill-down Analytics dashboards enable informed policy creation
  • Automated, tag-based access controls
  • Easy data masking on sensitive and regulated data
  • Integrations with enterprise data governance solutions to enable unified policy-based controls

Protect Sensitive Date with Patented Security Technologies

  • Tokenization-as-a-service to secure data at rest
  • Seamless integration into existing InfoSec tools
  • Smart DB drivers connect to leading databases and stop SQL injections

Why customers pick ALTR

Ease of implementation
No on-prem hassles or consultant costs. No proxies requiring application or user behavior changes. ALTR was born in the cloud and integrates natively with cloud data platforms like Snowflake.

No code required to set up or manage
Easily implement policy to govern and protect data without writing code in SQL or YAML.

Complete solution
With ALTR's complete data control, you can visualize data usage, control access without code, detect anomalies and alert on them, block threats in real-time, and tokenize critical data. ALTR integrates with enterprise governance and security platforms to automate control over your data, wherever it lives.

Scalable pricing
Because ALTR is built for the cloud, there's no large up-front commitment - you can start for free and upgrade as needed.

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