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Your Single Source for Data Access Truth

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Your Single Source for Data Access Truth

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Problem: Expanding Data Stores Require Scalable Governance and Security  

Today, data is everywhere. From on-premises data centers and enterprise systems to cloud data warehouses and SaaS applications. That means sensitive data like social security numbers, customer PII and even financial information can often be found in unexpected locations across an organization as well. At the same time, companies are responding to the push to become more data-driven with initiatives to put all that data to work for them. To unleash the full value of their data though, companies need to control and secure sensitive data while making it available without roadblocks across the organization.  

While some systems or data platforms offer native capabilities for data governance and access controls, fully leveraging those capabilities can require significant SQL scripting and DBA or data engineer hours to implement and maintain. Other platforms require an additional layer of data governance and security entirely. As a result of the time required to orchestrate complex data governance rules and polices, it can take weeks or even months for new data sets and workloads to be made available to users. As companies accelerate their expansion of data usage, this problem exacerbates, and the only effective way to solve it is through automation. 

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ALTR’s Solution: Automated Governance and Security Across Your Data Ecosystem

ALTR is a highly available, cloud-native service that greatly accelerates time to full data value through automation of data governance and data security, at scale. We make capabilities like data classification, role-based access controls, data masking, rate limiting, real-time alerting, and tokenization available through an intuitive, easy to use, point and click user interface or directly via APIs. The massive SQL scripting required to orchestrate the most complex governance polices is all abstracted by ALTR, enabling even non-technical users to control and protect data. This automation cuts weeks, and in many cases, months, out of the time it takes for new data and workloads to be made available to users, helping any company greatly accelerate time to value.  

ALTR was architected to act as a centralized data governance and security hub for the modern data ecosystem. Our platform is fully SaaS, requiring no on-premises hardware or installation and can be up and running in minutes. Our automated policy enforcement minimizes the time data teams need to spend on manual user access management, and our open-source API-level integrations with many of the leading Data Catalogs and ETL/ELT providers allow ALTR’s access policies to follow sensitive data through data pipelines, into data catalogs, and into new data stores. We connect with leading on-premises and cloud data warehouses including Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Redshift via integration methods including network gateway, JDBC and ODBC database drivers, rest APIs or native integration, depending on the data store. Our real-time alerts can be delivered directly to your enterprise SIEM, SOC or SOAR security solutions.  

ALTR is ready to be your single source for data access truth across your data landscape.

Business Outcomes

Reduced Complexity – ALTR saves massive amounts of time, effort, and resources required to execute data governance and access controls at scale 

Reduced Risk – ALTR’s automation removes the risks associated with human error and misconfiguration 

Compliance-ready & Audit-rich - ALTR’s highly available, cloud-native service operates in a PCI Level 1 Certified, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA cloud compliant environment 

Reduced Resource Requirements – With ALTR anyone, including Line of Business users, can execute effective data governance and access polices without having to rely on data engineers or DBAs 

Reduced Cost – ALTR offers a free version available to any Snowflake customer and enterprise plans start as low as $120/data user/year. 

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