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Free Template to Quickly Create Views in Snowflake

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If you need a quick way to create views in Snowflake, this template allows you to save a stored procedure that you can call any time to create views and permission roles for them. Enjoy!

Step 1 - Create View Template stored procedure

Run the following stored procedure in your Snowflake account, as ACCOUNTADMIN.

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Step 2 - Create views!

Call the stored procedure, substituting your own database, schema, table, and column names, as well as the Role that should have access to the view. Once run, the view will be created and role will have access to the view automatically!

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Want to make access control in Snowflake even easier?

Do it in ALTR!

ALTR lets you control access to data in Snowflake without writing code or getting stuck with view bloat. ALTR does a lot more, too, including automatically classifying data, masking sensitive data, and reporting on data usage, all for free.

Start controlling access in Snowflake now!

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