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The Future of Snowflake Data Governance is Automated and Scalable

The Future of Snowflake Data Governance is Automated and Scalable

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One of the biggest opportunities companies face today is migrating data to a centralized location to enable analytics and insight. Snowflake Data Cloud has revolutionized this migration, making consolidation easier than ever imagined. But delivering Snowflake data governance in compliance with government regulations and internal policies across multiple Snowflake accounts, hundreds or thousands of Snowflake databases, columns, rows and users, as well as all upstream data sources and downstream data consumers, may not be as easy.

Snowflake Security Field CTO Jonathan Sander, ALTR Founder and CEO James Beecham, and Big ID VP of Strategy and Innovation Gary Patterson discuss how the combination of BigID and ALTR can deliver automated, integrated Snowflake data governance and security at scale for Snowflake customers, mitigating risk and accelerating time to Snowflake value.

Watch this webinar to see why the future of Snowflake data governance must be both automated and scalable:

  • Why Snowflake believes it’s critical to enable external partners like BigID and ALTR to offer Snowflake data governance security solutions  
  • Simplifying identification of sensitive data across multiple accounts and databases with BigID’s best in class data discovery and classification solution
  • Leveraging ALTR’s integration with BigID to automate policy enforcement of data access controls, rate limiting and tokenization on the sensitive data BigID discovers and classifies
  • Why this kind of automated Snowflake data governance solution is critical to enabling Snowflake customers to achieve more value more quickly from their data and Snowflake investment

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