Extending Zero Trust to the SQL Layer

Extending Zero Trust to the SQL Layer

Extending Zero Trust to the SQL Layer

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ALTR webinar with Principal Forrester Analyst Heidi Shey

Today's business users need fast, remote access to sensitive enterprise data simply to do their jobs. Yet this need also expands the attack surface for bad actors to exfiltrate data. What can security teams do to prevent breaches without hampering legitimate users? 

By extending “zero trust” to the SQL layer, organizations can now achieve powerful security and control at the epicenter of risk —the data itself. This transcends the limitations of traditional identity access management, which imposes controls over identity authentication and data access, but doesn't provide control down to the individual query. 

Watch this webinar to see how the zero-trust model is being applied today to protect sensitive enterprise data, without getting in the way of legitimate users and queries. During this session, you will learn how this model: 

·        Prevents breaches from even the most credentialed users 

·        Enables security to keep pace with the rapid evolution of IT environments 

·        Reduces the burdens on security teams 

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