Spanning the Data Planet with Pete and James

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Spanning the Data Planet with Pete and James

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Pete Martin is an ALTR co-founder and Director of Product Marketing, and James Beecham is a co-founder and ALTR’s Chief Technology Officer. Since establishing ALTR  with their other partners, the two have been immersed in the world of data, data governance and data security. After listening to their passionate exchanges about the shifting industry, the exploding ecosystem and where they see it all going, we decided to invite an audience to join their conversations every Friday as part of our new LinkedIn Live program: The Data Planet.

In our premiere episode last Friday, the guys covered topics including:  

  • How technology advances and cultural changes have brought us into this new Age of Data
  • Why data is now both a liability and an asset
  • How the shift to a data-driven world and the sudden, urgent need to protect data is like being on the Amazing Race
  • Whether protecting data on-prem and in the cloud is actually one question or two. And if we’re all planning to attend the “cloud party”
  • Finally, what they’re looking forward to hearing about at this week’s Snowflake Summit (hint: product announcements around secure data sharing and the NBC-Universal use case)  

In future episodes the guys will also host industry partners and leaders as guests. Take a look, and we hope you can join us weekly to discuss the rapidly shifting data landscape. Attend our next episode here.  

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