Celebrating our Data Heroes: Data Wizards, Data Watchers and Data Warriors

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Celebrating our Data Heroes: Data Wizards, Data Watchers and Data Warriors

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Everyone who manages data today is a hero to their organization. They’re on the leading edge of the company: pulling the data streams together, ensuring the quality is high, and enabling the rest of the business to utilize data for insights and value. When we talk about “data-driven” companies, data scientists, database administrators, data analysts, governance, compliance, and security team are the drivers.  

Because of this, they’re also on the leading edge of ensuring that sensitive and private data is safe and secure from prying eyes, wherever it is.  

So, in honor of Data Privacy Week and international Data Privacy Day on Friday January 28, 2022, we wanted to celebrate what they do. See how they save the day, every day…

Data Wizards

Data scientists, data analysts, database administrators – these are your Data Wizards. What they do with data can look like magic to the untrained eye. But even magic isn’t always safe, especially when it comes to moving sensitive data to the cloud. See the trouble they face and how they lift the spell in… “The Data Wizard and the Curse of the Sensitive Data.”  

Data Watchers

Someone has to make sure the organization is complying with data privacy regulations and only the necessary folks have access to sensitive data. Those doing the work of data governance and compliance are your Data Watchers. As more and more people throughout the company understand the value data can deliver, it gets harder and harder to guard the gate. See how they overcome this challenge in… “The Data Watcher and the Invasion of the Data Snatchers.”  

Data Warriors

As data makes its way throughout the organization and the IT ecosystem – both in company-owned datacenters and in the public cloud – sensitive data is a rich target for thieves, hackers, and bad actors. Your Data Warriors keep the bandits at bay. And if someone sneaks through, they can rely on ALTR to help. See how they secure sensitive data, no matter where it is, in… “The Data Warrior and the Battle of the Data Road.”  

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