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PCI Compliance Made Easy

How to Eliminate Risk To Your Sensitive PCI Data

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PCI Compliance Made Easy

How to Eliminate Risk To Your Sensitive PCI Data

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Payment Card Information includes accounts numbers, CVVs, and other data that can be exploited immediately for the theft of funds. While payment methods can be easily disabled, giving this data a shorter life than PII or PHI, a lot of damage can be done quickly before protective measures are taken.

ALTR has adopted many of the industry’s strategies in its Data Security as a Service, applying them to all types of data, and is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. We have also helped our banking and fintech customers to become PCI compliant by eliminating the risk to their PCI Data. How do we do it?

The best way to protect your data and become compliant is to significantly lower the scope of the PCI data in your environment. ALTR actually removes sensitive PCI data from regulatory scope and tokenizes data immediately into a proprietary cloud vault. This solution is allowing our customers in achieve and maintain their own compliance with ease. Once in that vault, ALTR tracks and governs access to the data such that it can’t be exfiltrated or abused using credentialed access.

Before you hear from one of our customers, take a minute to understand all the ways that ALTR can help you in regards to sensitive PCI data.

Ease of Integration

ALTR installs using Smart Database Drivers, which take minutes to install and don’t require changes to existing infrastructure. This makes them ideal for legacy applications where some of the most difficult-to-protect account information lies.

Industry Leading Speed

Smart Database Drivers are integrated directly into application stack and therefore provide highly responsive data retrieval and maintain a high level of functionality for tokenized data.

Unmatched Data Protection

After tokenizing it, ALTR fragments sensitive information and saves the fragments across nodes in a cloud-based private blockchain vault called an ALTRchain. In this network of nodes, each fragment contains a reference only to the next fragment making the data self-describing, quantum-safe, and protected from insiders. It can’t be cracked using math and no key or tokenization map exists to be stolen.

Flexibility to Protect Any Data

Smart Drivers support all of the major database types and protocols, and all systems can be managed in one place. Tokenization is also available through an API interface that can be used to programmatically tokenize anything into the ALTRchain vault, from integers to large files of any type.

Advanced Governance Tools

By installing into the critical path of data, ALTR can also be expanded to govern who can access what protected data, and how much of it.These policy tools can even be used even on data that is not tokenized to address other compliance concerns around privacy.

Don't take our word for it, hear directly from our customers

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