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Powerful Data Security, Delivered as a Service

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Powerful Data Security, Delivered as a Service

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ALTR’s cloud-native service extends Zero Trust to the SQL Layer, stopping credentialed access, privileged access abuse threats and SQL injection attacks.

Most authentication and role based based access control (RBAC) security tools provide a strong first layer, but what if credentials have been shared or compromised, access rights are outdated, or attackers have found their way around those systems?

ALTR’s Data Security as a Service observes and controls consumption at the individual data request level, offering a new more powerful security model for data: Data Consumption Governance. This additional layer of security provides policy and remediation on data consumption in real-time.

ALTR's Data Security as a Service covers all of your data, from your datacenter to the Cloud.

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Product Brief: Powerful Data Security, Delivered as a Service

Download this product brief to learn more about how ALTR's Data Security as a Service works:

  • Observability: Powerful visibility into all data consumption across the enterprise
  • Detect & Respond: Set policy for data consumption & automatically respond to security events in real-time.
  • Protect: Tokenization as a service to protect data throughout its entire lifecycle.

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