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Build Secure Applications With Ease

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Build Secure Applications With Ease

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How to Improve Application Security & Eliminate Risk

Every app that generates and uses personal data is on the radar of security and compliance. That kind of attention can slow down release cycles, impact the ability to bring in third party projects, and make it more difficult to deliver to users.

The question that many neglect to ask is: “What is the impact these security and compliance measures have on development?” The short answer: too much.  Eventually there comes a point where developers stop trying to be innovative altogether; it just isn’t worth the hassle or the time. That’s not to say that there aren’t profound and exciting innovations still being released, but imagine how remarkable it would be (not to mention quicker and cheaper) if security and compliance weren’t a concern?

ALTR recently teamed up with DZone to explore how Data Security as a Service can finally improve the security and privacy of sensitive data while also accelerating innovation.  Complete the form below for both the DZone refcard "Intro to Data Security as a Service" and DZone webinar "How to Give Security and Compliance What they Want in One Sprint."

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