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The ALTR DSaaS platform goes beyond legacy solutions with a unified new approach that enables comprehensive observability, control, and protection for all sensitive data in a single cloud-native service.


Data Access Monitoring as a Service


In the critical path. "ALTR integrates as the database driver or data permissioning API, with minimal impact on latency."


Secure logging to high-performance private blockchain. ALTR Monitor collects data on how applications and users consume sensitive data, logging all data requests and responses immutably.


Data risk reporting and SIEM integration. ALTR Monitor reports on the confluence of data and user risk to inform policy, and serves events to central monitoring tools.

Data Access Governance as a Service


Control user access to data. Establish data access policy between logical groups of users and logical groups of data.


Real-time breach mitigation. Impose thresholds on how much data can be accessed based on normal usage patterns.


Log all administrative activity. All administrative rights, changes, and anomalies are logged immutably to the blockchain.

Data At-Rest Protection as a Service


Sensitive data is tokenized. On a column-by-column basis, sensitive data is replaced by token values.


Data is scattered. Data is broken into fragments and scattered into multiple blockchains. Each fragment references the next, creating keyless protection.


Data remains highly functional and performant. Tokens retain most data operations, and data is reassembled rapidly when requested.

ALTR DSaaS Features

ALTRchain, an advanced cloud vault that leverages private blockchain technology to ensure audit and tokenized data security and integrity.

A service model with deep integrations and partner ecosystem to decrease tool complexity and lessen the burden on teams, not create more work.

Dedicated customer success team and basic implementation and training services are included to ensure ALTR provides the value you expect.

Data Risk Profiles

Learn more about Personally Identifiable Information (PII)


Learn more about Personal Health Information (PHI)


Learn more about Payment Card Industry Data (PCI)


Use Cases


  • Credentialed access threats and privileged access abuse
  • Direct access to the database threats
  • Governance of data consumption rates, thresholds, and locations
Keeping Data Secure

Privacy and Compliance

  • Immutable records of access and consumption of sensitive data
  • Dynamic masking of sensitive data to support privacy
  • Ultra-secure, low-latency tokenized data storage off your network
Keeping Data Private