World’s Largest Fertility Network Taps ALTR for Privacy and Security of Donors, Surrogates and Parents

Published on Oct 02, 2018
Katie Davis

FRTYL Among the First Projects to Apply Blockchain’s Powerful Data-Security Architecture to Foster Trust and Support the Uncompromising Needs of the Medical Industry

SAN FRANCISCO—October 2, 2018—Donor Concierge, the leading service provider in the fertility industry, today revealed the details of a strategic partnership with ALTR that brings the cybersecurity and privacy benefits of blockchain technology to the world of assisted reproduction. Donor Concierge has integrated ALTR’s data-security platform with FRTYL, the world’s largest service that links fertility agencies and clinics with intended parents seeking to build their families using third-party resources—donated eggs, sperm, embryos and gestational surrogacy. The partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to ensure that FRTYL is a trusted, independent resource for intended parents in an industry that is unregulated and often emotionally and financially challenging.

FRTYL’s new state-of-the art centralized database, which taps into some of the most advanced technologies now used in the medical industry to ensure privacy and security, brings a growing repository of surrogates and more than 15,000 egg donors together in one place so they can be matched more quickly with intended parents.

Security is a crucial concern, especially when personal data is shared between donors, surrogates, recipients and practitioners, and HIPAA regulations impose strict guidelines about how this information can be stored. FRTYL has turned to the ALTR platform, the industry’s first software solution designed to harness blockchain’s virtually inviolable structure and apply it to data security, to safely store and retrieve data, as well as anonymize it so that it can be used as a trusted resource for parents seeking to build their families.

Gail Sexton Anderson, the founder of Donor Concierge and one of the fertility industry’s leading innovators and creative thinkers, said, “The privacy and confidence that ALTR brings to FRTYL will help alleviate some of the stress that a diagnosis of infertility brings to couples and singles hoping to start a family by giving them repose that their most precious personal information is protected. ALTR helps us put needs of parents first, which is our most important priority.”

Over the past 20 years, advances in fertility technology have revolutionized conception resulting in higher and higher success rates. The industry grew to $14 billion in 2016 alone as demand for third-party fertility services has accelerated due to delayed family starts, social acceptance of gay parents, an increased number of insured individuals, and positive economic conditions.

“ALTR’s design contributes to regulatory compliance and ensures privacy and trust while remaining virtually impenetrable to attack,” said David Sikora, CEO of ALTR. “Our partnership with Donor Concierge means that FRTYL is among the first projects to apply blockchain’s powerful data-security architecture to support the uncompromising needs of the medical industry. This forward-thinking approach to keeping the personal data of all parties safe not only increases efficiency and care, but provides both professionals and patients with peace of mind and a better experience.”

FRTYL is working hand-in-hand with ALTR to ensure the highest levels of data security and privacy are integrated into the platform at every step as the company looks to create a global software platform that transforms how prospective parents use technology to find third-party fertility options by consolidating services such as sperm donation, embryo adoption, surrogacy, cryobanking, implantation, and pharmaceuticals.

About Donor Concierge

Donor Concierge is the first unbiased fertility concierge service to provide personalized service to intended families who want help navigating through the highly fragmented, stressful and complicated process associated with the identification and selection of a donor and/or surrogate. Founded in 2006 by Gail Sexton Anderson, Donor Concierge works closely with the best clinics, agencies and fertility professionals, bring a trusted and unique insight and understanding of the third third-party fertility industry world.

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