Aptitive and ALTR Partner to Drive Data Consumption Governance and Data Protection in the Cloud

Published on Jan 26, 2021
Aptitive will leverage ALTR DSaaS technology to help companies develop secure, tech-forward data solutions that support business performance and cloud-based IT optimization.
Katie Davis

ALTR Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) Bolsters Aptitive’s Planning, Architecting, and Implementation Services with an Eye on Snowflake Data Cloud Projects

AUSTIN, TX and CHICAGO, IL - January 26th, 2021 - ALTR, provider of advanced data security for data-driven enterprises, and Aptitive, a data and analytics consultancy focused on modern data architectures, have partnered to drive innovation in the cloud. Aptitive will leverage ALTR DSaaS technology to help companies develop secure, tech-forward data solutions that support business performance and cloud-based IT optimization. An analytics and data consulting firm specializing in business strategy and technical development, Aptitive helps customers solve complex business challenges with modern data management, insight, delivery and processing capabilities.

ALTR’s DSaaS platform will bolster the firm’s planning, architecting, and implementation services, particularly in the areas of secure data consumption governance and protection for Snowflake data cloud projects. Aptitive’s trained and certified Snowflake experts can accelerate time to value, increase performance, and curb costs for organizations across data-intensive industries including financial services, insurance, marketing, healthcare and retail.

“As the world moves toward a more hybrid and remote working environment, and cloud technologies continue to grow their footprint, a lack of visibility into data consumption has become a dangerous security blindspot,” said Fred Bliss, chief technology officer at Aptitive. “Our team of experienced data and analytics consultants see ALTR as a remarkably effective tool for securing critical data, and achieving the promise of data self-management in data platforms like Snowflake and other enterprise applications.”

ALTR DSaaS is a cloud-native service that helps organizations secure sensitive data at the SQL layer, stopping credentialed access threats and SQL injection attacks at the source. “ALTR DSaaS observes and controls consumption at the individual data request level, which is a more powerful way to implement and remediate real-time policy governance,” said James Beecham, chief technology officer at ALTR.

Traditional data security technologies suffer from observability gaps around who accesses and takes action upon data, and in what situations. The ALTR service works at the code level to close those gaps, improve accountability, and foster more rapid development and deployment of secure applications.

Beecham added, “We support Aptitive’s technology-agnostic approach by making workloads portable across the entire modern data architecture from isolated applications to the cloud, giving organizations the flexibility to easily move between providers and configurations.”

About Aptitive

Aptitive is a data and analytics consulting firm that helps companies to uncover the power of their data. Our consultants work with organizations to understand their business goals and turn that into a strategy to develop an end-to-end data solution. Our tech agnostic approach allows us to selectively partner and implement leading technologies to deliver scalable solutions that work best for our clients’ needs today and in the future.

Want to hear more from ALTR and Aptitive?

Join ALTR CTO James Beecham and Aptitive CTO Fred Bliss for a webinar on Wednesday, February 17, on "The Hidden ROI: Taking a Security-First Approach with Cloud Data Platforms".

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