ALTR Partners with Sirius to Deliver Blockchain-based Data Governance and Security as a Managed Service

Published on Feb 20, 2019
Katie Davis

ALTR Empowers MSPs to Offer High-Performance, Enterprise-Grade Outsourced Data Monitoring, Governance and Protection

AUSTIN, Texas—February 20, 2019—ALTR, the first software company to unleash the cybersecurity benefits of blockchain for the enterprise, has partnered with IT solutions integrator Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (Sirius) to provide blockchain-based data-security as a managed service. Sirius, which recently placed first in the MSP 501 Worldwide Rankings for the second year in a row, will offer ALTR’s leading-edge cybersecurity technology for data monitoring, governance and protection through its dedicated Security and Risk Management practice, which helps ensure clients invest in the right IT security solutions for their business.

With the partnership, ALTR will also leverage the expertise and experience of Sirius to design and deliver industrial-strength managed capabilities to its own portfolio. Sirius delivers proactive, vendor-agnostic threat assessment and advisory services, expert implementation, and comprehensive outsourced management of technology solutions and infrastructure.

“Sirius uses best-of-breed solutions and services to help our clients improve their cybersecurity and optimize their overall IT risk-management strategy to protect their data, intellectual property, and their brand,” said Michael Conley, executive vice president of Managed and Cloud Services at Sirius. “Integrating ALTR’s blockchain-based technology solutions into our data-security offerings helps us ensure we continue expanding our security portfolio to best meet each clients needs.”

Enterprise transformation means people want and need to be connected to their data at all times from any place and any device. This has set off an explosion of new threats and makes network security inherently more challenging. Organizations increasingly recognize that legacy endpoint measures such firewall and perimeter threat-detection are no longer adequate to secure sensitive data, in particular from insider elements.

ALTR has developed the first high-performance, commercial software package that utilizes the unique architecture of blockchain to govern and secure data. The ALTR platform integrates into the critical path of data flows and leverages proprietary high-performance private blockchain technology to protect data at-rest, govern data access to protect privacy, stop breaches in real time, and provide the digital truth about data access and provenance. It eliminates threats altogether and makes technology initiatives safe as organizations adopt them, particularly as they face new network risks and grapple to comply with a growing list of data privacy and protection mandates such as GDPR, ITAR/EAR, and NIST.

“The enormous value of Sirius’ unparalleled managed services are a natural fit for ALTR, ensuring that customers are guided through their data security journey with the expertise, support and resources they need to be successful,” said Dave Sikora, CEO at ALTR. “The combination of ALTR technology and Sirius’ outcome-driven approach gives an enterprise the flexibility and competence to meet their most pressing data protection and governance challenges.”

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