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ALTR Announces Jason Truppi to Join Board of Advisors

Published on Dec 12, 2019
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New Board Member Brings Unrivaled Perspective on Cybersecurity in the Enterprise to Developer of Data Security as a Service

AUSTIN, Texas—December 12, 2019—ALTR, developer of the most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market, announced that Jason Truppi has been named to its board of advisors. Truppi is globally recognized for advising companies of all sizes on cybersecurity risk management and governance through the practical use of technology, operational guidance, working best practices and standards. He will advise ALTR on closing vulnerability gaps around sensitive data and the massive risks that data visibility, loss, and theft pose for the largest companies in the world.

“We are thrilled to have Jason join our board of advisors at ALTR,” said Dave Sikora, CEO at ALTR. “He is an accomplished cybersecurity leader and a strong advocate for corporate defenders looking to better analyze, detect and mitigate incidents. Having worked with more than half of the largest companies in the U.S., Jason has an important perspective on the challenges they face within their own networks and the devices that are connected to them. His views will be a tremendous asset.”

A co-founder of cybersecurity services firm ShiftState Security, Truppi has more than two decades of security and technology industry experience including work on some of the largest national security and criminal cyber-intrusion cases. He served as a Cyber Special Agent for the FBI, and developed scalable threat detection techniques for Fortune 500 companies at Tanium. In addition to his role at ShiftState, Truppi advises technology startups and helps drive cyber-policy as a Cybersecurity Fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

“Security threats to the enterprise, on-premise or in the cloud, increasingly come not just from outsiders and the explosion of devices connected to networks, but also from inside sources,” said Truppi. “ALTR addresses this challenge by offering built-in data security for applications to achieve a defensive posture through well thought-out policies, controls, and monitoring. Adding ALTRs capability to aging legacy database architectures should be a no brainer for all companies looking to increase their security without affecting their production applications. The future of cybersecurity is in protecting data and increasing privacy.”

ALTR solves the problem of threats to data security by protecting the data that applications create, store, and share from breaches and intrusion. By delivering Data Security as a Service (DSaaS), ALTR allows developers to embed data monitoring, governance, and at-rest protection natively at the application layer. Supported by private blockchain technology, ALTR provides an API and scalable smart database drivers that make it possible to virtually eliminate data access risks, making applications more portable and cost efficient to implement and maintain than traditional applianceware or outdated endpoint security systems.

About ALTR

ALTR simplifies and unifies data governance and security, allowing anyone the ability to confidently store, share, analyze, and use their data. With ALTR, customers gain unparalleled visibility into how data is used across their organization and can use this intelligence to create advanced policies to control data access and mitigate data risk. Through ALTR’s no-code cloud platform, customers can implement data control and protection in minutes instead of months.

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