2021 Predictions from James Beecham, founder and CTO of ALTR

Entirely new technologies are emerging that take a different approach to data protection. Making it part of the design of any applications that create and use it. Traditional security measures are implemented into the infrastructure that any data uses, like toll booths and barriers on a highway.


We’re starting to see solutions that embed guidance and security into applications we use or natively integrated into cloud databases, like putting smart safety technology into the cars on that highway or the highway itself. That way, those applications can go anywhere, on any road—even a road in the cloud—and still be safe. This will be a big change, because it lets IT do what IT does best, which is to optimize infrastructure around cost, delivery, efficiency and innovation, without worrying about securing data. They can take any road and know they are safe. IaaS providers, like AWS, Azure, GCP and others should be weaponized by developers, and devops teams alike, in 2021 to accelerate the speed and accuracy of development. There is nothing more frustrating for a developer than knowing the solution to a problem, but also knowing the hills you need to climb just to test that solution.