Cybersecurity Interviews: Doug Wick, VP of Product at ALTR

Hackers are the obvious culprit in data breaches, but they are too often helped by human error. In many ways, this year has been the worst on record. The likes of Marriott International, Estee Lauder, and of course Zoom, have had incidents involving both private and business data.


Data security has been dominated by big companies like IBM and Microsoft. They use obsolete approaches that all have one thing in common—they were never created for the cloud. Infrastructure is more and more disconnected from the data that runs through it, and the old ways are being superseded by new approaches. Prevention, detection and resolution has been successfully extended to the cloud and offered as an automated service—called Security-as-a-Service or SECaaS—by companies like Okta and Splunk. ALTR has stepped in to fill the data-security gaps with DSaaS or Data Security-as-a-Service.