Tech Talk - Reinventing Data Security in the Banking Industry

The Banker's Joy Macknight talks to ALTR CEO, David Sikora, about the greatest cybersecurity risk to banks and how ALTR is re-inventing the data-security model with blockchain technology.


In his interview, David Sikora, CEO of ALTR, talks about some of the biggest cyber risks that banks experience. "Well sure, I mean, you know the famous expression that Willie Sutton came, you know why does he rob banks because that's where the money is, right? So we have an expression at ALTR where we talk about how the network is constantly in breach. If you receive an email, technically you've received a breach in your network because someone allowed that email to come through. The end point protection, the windows, the doors, that the banks have around their money, it's not working. So if you look at the number of breaches happening, well the only thing that really exceeds the number of breaches is the amount of money that's being spent on network and data security."