ALTR Rolls Out First-Ever Stackable Margins Channel Program for SIs, OEMs and Resellers of All Types

The ALTR Stackable Margins program opts for a non-traditional approach to the channel by comping resales and referrals that lead to positive outcomes at decisive stages of the sales journey. In addition to deal registration—where all-or-nothing sales margins often see parties waging war over deal credit—partners are rewarded for many types of net-new opportunity identification and referrals.


The Stackable Margins program recognizes the hard work that partners put into identifying and supporting potential ALTR DSaaS customers. For instance, developers work with customers to accelerate the modernization of legacy applications and systems, or in shifting data to the cloud. Consultants provide incident response services and advice to organizations looking to improve their application security. However, it is often difficult or impossible to book revenue after months of handholding and time investment—with some dedicated partners even finding they’re unable to maintain their independence—because channel programs typically do not fairly reflect the complexity and conflicts of indirect sales. This is particularly true for cybersecurity and cloud-based products and solutions.