Controlling the consumption of sensitive enterprise data

ALTR offers a data security service that continuously operates within the data warehouse at the database driver layer to govern the way in which enterprise data is used and consumed by applications.


Instead of attempting to replace or replicate existing user authorization, system authentication and access control security methods, ALTR follows a zero-trust model of assuming those methods have already been compromised through methods such as stolen credentials, hacked service requests or system-level jailbreaks. The solution automatically profiles how the enterprise’s application suite should use data, and monitors SQL layer requests to report out-of-bounds events and block specious consumption requests, even if authorized. ALTR uses a real-time tokenization service in a private ledger — independent but not mutually exclusive to encryption schemes — to instantly check the flow incoming request sources and types against the profile — retrieving and reassembling data from the vault if the requests are allowable, while preventing direct access to data resources.