How the Modern Data Ecosystem Broke Data Governance

Most companies today understand the immense opportunity the “Age of Data” offers them, and an ecosystem of modern technologies has sprouted up to help.


“Use data to make decisions? That’s crazy talk!” was a common thought in IT back in the 2000’s. Information Technology groups didn’t really understand the value of data – they treated it like money in the bank. They thought if they stored it in a database and kept it perfect that it would gain value — so they resisted letting people use it (especially in its most granular form). But there is no compound interest on locked up data. A better analogy would be the food in your freezer. You need to cycle through it. You need to pull things out and eat (eh, I mean use) them, otherwise they just go bad. Data is the same – it needs to be used, updated, and refreshed or else it loses value.