Blockchain In Cybersecurity Use Case #4: ALTR

This interview is part of our new Blockchain In Cybersecurity series, where we interview the world's leading thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between blockchain and cyber security.


At previous companies, founders of ALTR had noticed certain flaws that they strived beat in their product. With ALTR, the founders sought to bring the same infrastructure that prevents the theft of money to data security. Central to the problem around data usage and storage is one of trust. It's not just about keeping the data from being stolen, it's also about maintaining its integrity. ALTR has developed a data security and governance platform that uses blockchain's tamper-resistant structure to store all audit records of data access, as well as the data itself. This private, permissioned ALTR-chain technology was developed from the ground up, as other blockchain projects don't feature the performance and flexibility needed to support most enterprise use cases.