What has the pandemic taught us about security priorities?

During the COVID-19 era, many companies have become the targets for rogue actors in terms of seeking to exploit digital vulnerabilities. This means that continually assessing the cybersecurity policy and having a back-up plan is of great importance.


Interviewing Doug Wick, VP of Products at ALTR, Wick goes into detail on what we learnt from the pandemic/what we should have learnt. "While we all knew that the traditional network perimeter, and the tools one uses to protect it, has been disappearing for a while, the pandemic has really shone a light on this and accelerated the transformation. Forcing companies into a remote work model means even more endpoints are on untrusted infrastructure, much more sensitive data is being created (video) and is flowing across the Internet, cloud tools are being adopted and relied upon much more. As a result security has to focus on prioritizing approaches that are designed to work independent of infrastructure, and to focus on data protection."