Rethinking Data Governance to Bolster Security Strategy

ALTR CTO and Co-Founder James Beecham shares how companies can integrate data security and data governance strategies to address today's threat landscape and mitigate risk.


The global pandemic unexpectedly forced many organizations to quickly adapt to remote working, accelerating the transition to a distributed workforce. This trend, coupled with the recent surge of cyberattacks carried out across business sectors, has left organizations scrambling to secure sensitive data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. As companies continue to operate across a distributed workforce, it’s essential for organizations to revamp data governance, with data security playing a pivotal role.

It’s also important to note that the picture of data governance has been incomplete without accounting for security. But despite this significant change, organizations mistakenly trust that they have complete data governance anyway. As modern data infrastructure and its risks change over time, companies need to include elements of both control and security in their data governance strategies to reflect the changing data landscape.