Aim for a modern data security approach

Risk, compliance, governance, and security professionals are finally realizing the importance of subjecting sensitive workloads to robust data governance and protection the moment the data begins traversing the data pipeline.

“Shift left” data security defined

Originally designed for software engineers to continuously monitor and test early in software development lifecycles, shift left data security addresses potential data security issues sooner in the data journey. Shift left data governance allows policies to be attached to data workloads as soon as they leave source systems and remain attached all the way to the cloud and to data consumers.

By identifying, preventing, and tackling data governance and security measures earlier, and to the left of the cloud data warehouse, teams can initiate the strong access governance and security capabilities already available on cloud data warehouses and extend them back to data as it leaves source systems. Additionally, it enables data users to ensure the proper policies are attached and applied while data is in motion and at rest.